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We're a fast growing company with big dreams and we're here to help you change your swimming pool for the better. Homes with swimming pools consume 67% more energy than a homes without pools, according to the National Resources Defense Council. But don't worry. It's not your pool's fault. It's the old, tired equipment.

The energy profile of your pool equipment may cause your jaw to drop uncontrollably. Traditional pool pumps often burn 1800 - 2500 watts. The wildly inefficient valves found on sand and DE filters may increase power consumption further, up to another 300 watts. Inefficient booster pumps used to power automatic pool cleaners consume another 1400 - 1600 watts. Salt water chlorinators can burn another 400 - 500 watts.

Last but not least, a typical pool light requires up to 500 watts. When all equipment is running, a pool can use the same energy as fifty 100 watt light bulbs. Pool Express specializes in the analysis and distribution of top-rated energy efficient pool equipment.

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About Pool Express

We're a highly specialized group of pool folks who love talking about the most efficient pool pumps, filters, ultraviolet systems and robotic pool cleaners. There's a lack of reliable product information available to pool owners. How's a pool owner supposed to make an informed decision?

Too many companies sell the same old tired products they've been selling for 15 years. And the majority of those couldn't tell you if a pool product consumes 200 watts or 2000 watts. Why should your pool equipment be anything less than extraordinary? We thought it was about time someone joined the game who truly believes things can be different from top to bottom.

We've searched the planet, measured, tested and analyzed pool equipment from over 40 manufacturers. You'll find those results in a format that easy to understand. Looking for a good place to start? Find out how much energy your pool uses today and your potential savings with our Pool Energy Calculator.

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